Our History

A look back and inside at our historic office building

Our office was the original home of the Bank of Alex Brown - built in 1916. Even today is often referred to as the old Bank of Alex Brown building.

The bank grew out of a grocery store and mercantile business operated by John Brown, son of Alex Brown, in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. John became known for the issuance of Wells Fargo bank drafts to replace gold payments made by city produce buyers back then for Delta farmer’s produce. Gradually, John evolved his business into the Bank of Alex Brown and received a State Charter in 1913.

That explains why we have a historic walk-in safe in the middle of our office. Besides the old safe adding a distinctive part of the Delta’s history to our building, it provides a very functional storage setting for our important files.

Several members of the Brown family also made the bank building their residence during those early years, which explains why our upstairs offices include such interesting features as credenzas that can be rolled around to expose trundle beds, a dumb waiter and more.

We are proud of our historic office and its roots here in Walnut Grove, CA, and have provided the photos below to show you more of its interesting character and uniqueness.

We doubt you’ll find many other insurance agencies with a genuine, turn of the 20th century, walk in bank vault still functionally in use today. Our building was the original home of the Bank of Alex Brown, chartered in 1913. The vault that once held gold coins stored by San Francisco bay area fruit shippers to pay early Delta settlers and farmers for their produce now stores our important documents and information safely and securely.