Agricultural Crop Insurance

Agricultural Crop Insurance is one of our specialties. Being an integral part of the California Delta community since 1922, we know the ins and outs of farming and the value of the wide variety of crops grown in the rich soils of the Delta and surrounding Central California region. Julie Lancaster, our Ag Crop Insurance specialist, comes from a family that has farmed in this region since the early 1900’s. She understands agriculture and farmers, and is exceptionally suited to take care of this important part of our business and yours.

Crop insurance is often required by lenders who provide crop financing for growers. Farmers who qualify for any of the numerous subsidy programs are often required to carry Crop Insurance.

Many growers purchase crop insurance even if it is not a requirement because they understand that today’s profit margins in farming aren’t enough to absorb catastrophic loss before or at harvest. As Julie likes to say, “Farming without crop insurance is like skydiving without a parachute!” Typical coverage includes protection against crop loss from insect damage and adverse weather.

Farmers & Ranchers

Owning or leasing a farm means you have unique coverage needs - whether you farm 10 acres, 1,000 acres or 10,000 acres. Having your own custom insurance plan designed for the type of operation you run is an essential part of modern-day farming operations.

Whether it's livestock, hay and row crop, fruit and nuts, a small hobby farm, or some other type of operation, we can tailor your coverage to fit the risks you face on a day-to-day or longer-term basis.

Plans can be designed to protect every aspect of your farming or ranching operation. Types of coverage include:

  • Liability coverage; which is often required by agricultural lenders
  • Fuel tank spills and leakage
  • Buildings, machinery and equipment coverage
  • A variety of other optional coverage

As always, we look for every possible way to find discounts and pricing options to maximize the risk protection of every dollar you invest in insurance coverage.

Your premiums can be adjusted to fit your budget needs by selecting deductible amounts - the more risk you can cover on your own the higher the deductible amounts and the lower the cost of your premiums.

We know farming and ranching, and we look forward to serving your needs.

AG Trucking Companies & Truckers

Another of our agency specialties is meeting the insurance needs of ag trucking companies, sub haulers, and independent operators is a part of our business we enjoy and have been doing from our early beginnings in the 1920s.

If you’re on your own, if you’re a sub-hauler or are a trucking company owner, you know that the trucking business is not an easy one to find insurance coverage for. And whether you operate from within California or out of state, California state law requires you obtain insurance coverage in order to get a Truckers Operation Permit here.

We specialize all areas of required and important AG trucking coverage:

  • Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo
  • Unidentified Trailers
  • Assigned Risk

Whatever your trucking insurance needs are, large or small, simple or complex, connect with our experts.

AG Auto & Trucks

Without trucks, farmers couldn’t move products to market or obtain needed resources to farm. And no matter what size truck you own or how many trucks you operate, we are well equipped to provide you with all the custom coverage you need. From your trusted farm pickup or car - to your medium size hauling, flat bed or dump trucks - or your full-size sets of doubles for heavy hauling of fruit, grain and other farm commodities. We customize your coverage to fit your unique needs.

Ag autos and trucks have been a specialty for many of our agents for years, and we continue to be an area leader in ag auto and truck coverage. The orchard, vineyard and row crop farming operations throughout the Delta and central California region rely on trucks daily - you can rely on us for the best-priced insurance to provide collision, liability, compressive, payload and other specialty coverage needed to keep you going in the fields and on the road.

Get the information you need to make the best ag auto and truck insurance decisions.

Commercial Growers & Packers

If you’re a commercial grower or packer, then you already deal with risk on a daily basis - market risks, weather risks, and all other risk factors affecting current and future market prices and costs in the agricultural sectors that you specialize in.

We work side by side with you to mitigate your financial risks through insurable loss. Backed by the financial strength and programs by companies like Travelers Insurance, we can tailor specific commercial growers and packers insurance programs to meet your unique needs at prices tailored to your budget.

When you put your operation’s insurance needs in our hands, you can rely on our over 80 years of experience and homegrown familiarity about your business, backed by the strength of specialized grower and packer programs we specialize in providing you.


Winery owners know there is much more to producing fine wine than growing high-quality grapes, and so do we. Whether your winery is a small family run operation or a thriving corporate venture, the Winery Insurance Program we offer is customized coverage tailored to the unique need of wineries. We think this is a far superior approach to winery risk management than relying on generic insurance products comprised of many endorsements.

Custom winery coverage can include:

  • Winery property, including wine leakage, contamination, or additional causes of loss or damage.
  • Orchard and vineyard protection for damage or loss to vines, signs, and other related items.
  • Product recall expenses.
  • Liability resulting from a variety of causes, including products, fire, chemical drift and liquor liability.
  • A wide variety of additional coverage options such as wine stored for others, special events, equipment breakdown, business income and extra expenses - plus a wide variety of optional coverage so that you can be prepared for the risks you are most concerned with as a winery owner/operator.