California Contractor’s General Liability Insurance From  Meyer & Cook

yellow helmetWhat Is California Contractor’s General Liability Insurance?

Contractor’s General Liability insurance is for residential and commercial builders, general contractors, construction managers, design and build firms, specialty contractors or subcontractors, owners or public and private construction projects.

This kind of liability insurance is an essential form of business insurance coverage that protects you and your team members, as well as your contracting business, from unexpected financial loss. In the unfortunate case where you are held responsible for damages that occur to a third party — such as an individual, or a building property — you would be required to cover the entire cost of the injuries and damages. Retaining contractor’s liability insurance will help you cover the cost of any such damages along with potential legal defense expenses too.

Liability insurance provides coverage for you in the following areas:

Bodily Injury
His includes injury to other persons at your business or on your client's property.

Property Damage
This includes damage to the property under construction or related damages.

Advertising Injury
This includes damages caused to a person or business as a result of advertising.

Medical Payments
This includes payment of medical expenses to a person injured on the job.

What Does Contractors General Liability Insurance Covers?

Meyer & Cook Insurance Agency offers contractor Insurance policies for every type of project and at very price point:

  • Property
  • Builders risk insurance and construction
  • Liability insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Contractor insurance
  • Commercial auto
  • Umbrella
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Railroad protective
  • Equipment insurance
  • Contractor bond

Our contractor’s general liability insurance policies at Meyer & Cook Insurance of Walnut Grove, CA cover builders, contractors, and owners of construction projects, providing the liability protection you need to work with confidence. We can customize your policy to have the exact type of coverage for your type of business, including coverage when someone brings a claim against you for:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Completed Products
  • Advertising Injuries
  • Immediate Medical Expenses
  • Industry Specific Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Commercial Auto Liability

Do You Need Contractor’s General Liability Insurance?

Just one mistake or accident could bankrupt your company or destroy your income as a contractor. Meyer & Cook Insurance Agency wants to help you get the protection you need. If you work as a contractor in a service industry, you need contractor’s general liability insurance. The risk without it is simply too high.

For a Free Quote on Contractor’s General Liability Insurance, Contact Meyer & Cook Insurance

Meyer & Cook Insurance Agency is a locally owned and operated California business, just like yours. We understand your needs and concerns, and we are here to help alleviate some of those and provide the protection you need to operate with confidence. Once you have your policy in place, we are also here to help you with the claims process should the need arise.

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